Jeffrey D. Ault
Entertainment Production & Management
"In the United States up to 80% of breast cancer cases occur 
in women with no genetic risk factors.  That number correlates to 1 in 8 women developing Breast Cancer in their lifetime."

In 2010 while Jeffrey was producing the Healthy 100 television series for Florida Hospital, one of the healthcare providers working on the show was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  Asked to produce a documentary on the disease, Jeffrey decided not to focus on the clinical, but rather on the personal effect that cancer can have both on the patient as well as those around her.

Roxanne Hopkins was an average woman.  She was 50 years old, mother of two, physical therapist and rehab director, avid gym goer, faithful church attendant, but then in January 2010, Roxanne added a new characteristic to her life - Breast Cancer patient.

This is her story as her family, friends and community members offered love and support to get her through this challenge.

Why Me? inspires those affected by cancer to stay positive, showing that a strong support system can help them reach the other side and appreciate all that life still has to offer.

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