Elliot and Friends

Elliot and Friends is a series of storybook, activity books and family friendly videos that entertain both children and adults alike.  Currently there are three hardcover Storybooks with companion Activity Books and a series of made for TV Holiday Specials are in production. 

Independence Day at the Museum, shot in 2019 is the first of the holiday specials with specials on President's Day, Halloween and Christmas being filmed in 2020.

Trailer for 


Download Free Elliot Activity and Coloring Books

Free Activity and Coloring Books on the Elliot and Friends characters and Recycling. Designed for Kindergarten and 1st Grade. Find more at the Apple Bookstore.

Elliot and Friends Activity Book (pdf)


Recycling Activity Book (pdf)


Yellowstone Activity Book (pdf)


Healthy Me, Healthy You!

The Healthy Me! Healthy You! videos use the ELLIOT AND FRIENDS characters to entertain and educate viewers about making healthy lifestyle choices. Topics include nutrition, gardening, health, the arts and more. 

Who knew broccoli was German?!

The Importance of Sleep!

Godfather IV

In this Public Service Announcement created with politicians from Orange City, Florida, Buzz seeks assistance from the Godfather to make healthier lunches for our school children. With the talents of comedian Dean Napolitano, Andy Gion, Mayor Tom Laputka, Councilman Anthony Pupello, and John Wannamaker.